The Venusian Press is home to publications that address the meaning of existence from a spiritual point of view, starting with The Blue Books series. Click here to see the author Sarazen Brooks’ biography.

The Venus flower in the logo is a symbol of love and stands for trusting relationships, harmony and femininity.

A self-contained and perfect symbol, the design comes from the shapes of the orbits that Earth and Venus make together around the sun. If one observes these two planets in their orbits from one starting point to the next, then exactly this pattern arises: a star-shaped flower with five petals.

As the Earth orbits the sun eight times, Venus goes around the sun thirteen times and traces out the pretty curve shown below. It’s called the pentagram of Venus because it has five “lobes” where Venus makes its closest approach to Earth.

Venus, which stands for unconditional love, devotion and acceptance, has a special connection to the Earth. We can use Venusian energy to promote healing and a new balance wherever they are needed.