Why Am I Here?

A Near-Death Experience with The Ancient of Days


The true story of a journey out-of-body and through time unlike any ever told.

Sarazen Brooks’ first volume in The Blue Books series is a spellbinding recapitulation of an experience she had in 2009 that shook her whole concept of reality to the core. It involved the first of two near-death experiences to come within the next eight years. Her journey beyond the boundaries of time and space began with an encounter with her spirit guide, who provided an inspiring series of lessons, good news for the soul.

Rave reviews:

“An incredibly enchanting and eye-opening book. I learnt so much but also had many intuitions validated. This book would be one to read three or four times really, as it is packed with rich information. For anyone on a spiritual quest or just looking to get out of their head, this is an excellent option. SO many favourites about this book, but one is how gripping it is; putting it down was hard, and when I did, I found I was still living in the book. Thank you for this beautiful writing and contribution to spiritual literature. Incredible.” ~ Alix Cooper

“Ms. Brooks takes us on a remarkable roller coaster ride through alternate universes, only to plunge into the dark influence of human despair, but ultimately emerges with an unprecedented story of love.” ~ Laurel B

“One of the greatest spiritual books ever written. No person can read this book, cover to cover, with an open mind, without being profoundly changed. And changed for the better. Gone are the times wondering why are we here, what does it all mean, what is really happening in the world. Although many ‘humans’ have tried to answer these questions, they are just that – humans, with limited intellect. When looking for the answers to the greatest questions, why not ask divine beings who have divine intelligence? The author was fortunate enough during her near-death experience to be led on a tour of the universe that lasted for aeons, and she was able to return to the Earth with all memories intact, including the answers to basically every big question you have ever wondered about. If you read the book, your soul will ‘know’ deep down that it is truth, and that is the best knowing there is. Strongly recommended.” ~ WhiteFire

“Out of this world. Very interesting.” ~ Melissa Eggleton

“Fascinating, brilliant and inspiring. This account of non-ordinary experiential realms is highly entertaining, yet hidden throughout are gems of wisdom as confirmed time and again across the ages in what have become sacred texts and esoteric teachings. It’s not so common, however, for the experiencer to not only report amazing worlds, but to return with self-knowledge and be able to articulate what that means to the reader. Highly recommended.” ~ Robert

“So far I am just in love with it. I’d gone through some really rough times and only in the last few months did I start really believing in a higher power. I started the book with an open mind, and it’s already affected my life in such a positive and beautiful way – I can’t even put it into words. I’ve read very few books when I’ve literally reread certain pages, stopping to really think and take it all in. I look forward to finishing it and reading the next book in the series. Thank you, Sarazen, for helping me wake up on this beautiful path I’m on.” ~ Thomas

“About this book… The way the perfectly coherent and advanced language in the book, advanced spiritual language, is astounding. The vocabulary and understanding of the souls, spirits and universe, the philosophical aspect, as if written by a philosopher of ancient times, is unreal. It is really a pleasure to read all of it. And one has to really believe to understand and appreciate. I finished the book and thoroughly enjoyed it. Looking forward to the rest of the series to come.” ~ Jenny F